Parties - Identify the plaintiff and the defendant

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The assignment should be submitted as a PowerPoint and should include the following slides (some questions may take more than 1 slide):

· Parties [Identify the plaintiff and the defendant]

· Facts [Summarize only those facts critical to the outcome of the case]

· Procedure [What was the outcome in the lower court(s)? Who brought the appeal?]

· Issue [Note the central question or questions on which the case turns]

· Explain the applicable law(s). Do some research on the laws cited in the case.

· Holding [How did the court resolve the issue(s)? Who won?]

· Reasoning [Explain the logic that supported the court's decision]

· Legal Research [Report something you have discovered about the case, parties, or other important elements from your own research]

· Conclusion [Summarize the key aspects of the decision and your recommendations on the court's ruling]

· References [Use APA style for your citations and references]

Research the case using the case citation in, and other legal sources. Research the parties and circumstances of the case itself.  The cases can also be found in the textbook.

Case 18.1 Friends of the Earth v. Gaston Copper Recycling Corp., 629 F.3d 387, (4th Cir. 2011)

 10-11 slides

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