Operating Systems and Networks

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(In Introduction to Operating Systems and Networks)

Question 1

Dorathy and James are having a debate about multiprogramming and multitasking operating systems and their overall efficiency. Dorathy says the two concepts are the same and are dependent on each other. On the other hand, James says these are two different concepts and they are not dependent on each other. Is anyone of them right? Give your inputs on both Dorathy and James’s arguments. Briefly also explain the key difference between the two. You may use a diagram(s) to support your answer.

Question 2

Naota group of companies’ CC is an upcoming business that specializes in data mining. They are in a process of setting up their IT system, and they have consulted you for advice on the operating system they should use. They are stuck between Windows and Linux OS. As a computer expert, what will you advise and why? Secondly, when is the Windows operating system preferable than Linux, and like wisely, when is Linux more preferable than windows?

Question 3

Discuss 4 the key difference between the Windows file system and the Linux file system.

Question 4

Resource management is one of the key functions of an operating system. Briefly name and explain four resources that are managed by your computer.

Question 5

System Administrators play a major role in every IT department. Their responsibilities range from planning, developing, installation, configuration, and maintenance of corporate hardware, software, and any related IT infrastructure. Their lives revolve around diagnosing and resolving performance issues to ensure optimal performance and reliability in a company. For smooth operations, System Administrators use various tools for configuration, troubleshooting, and diagnosis.

a) Name and explain five windows tools that administrators use in their everyday lives.

b) One more role of System Administrators is creating users and groups. This concept is the same in both Windows and Linux. Explain why it is important that each user has a separate user profile/account.

c) What is the relevance of placing users in groups as far as user management is concerned?

d) For security reasons, password length is amongst others one of the fundamentals password setting that administrators take into account when creating user accounts. Name and explain six other password essentials that administrators should consider when creating users and groups?

Question 6

The Windows operating system is proprietary owned by Microsoft, while Linux is an Open-source software or operating system. This means that the source code for Linux is freely available for anyone to inspect, modify, and enhance. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using open-source software and those of proprietary owned software, e.g. Microsoft Windows.


Notes: Plagiarism must be less than 20% in Turnitin

Answer all the Question 1-6


(In Introduction to Operating Systems and Networks).

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