Nursing Lesson 1b - Would you like to be a certified CAM

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Nursing Lesson 1b Assignment


Would you like to be a certified CAM practitioner? 

In this assignment, we will investigate the nature and requirements of the practice.


  1. Conduct a search on the Internet to find a certified CAM practitioner in your area. 
  2. Make arrangements to interview the selected CAM practitioner and ask the following questions:
    1. Nature of the practice
    2. Interpersonal collaboration
    3. Environment where they practice
    4. Requirements to become a CAM practitioner
    5. Which types of health conditions do they provide care for
  3. Develop a 5-6 slide PowerPoint Presentation to summarize your findings.  Be sure to address the questions provide above.
  4. Submit by uploading your PowerPoint Presentation to this assignment.
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