NURS446 Population Focused Nursing Care

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NURS 446 Population Focused Nursing Care

Health Policy Paper Criteria

· Identify a controversial public health issue that interests you. Ex (gun control or vaping))

· Describe how this issue impacts public health

· Select a minimum of 2 articles, one that will support the law/policy and one that does not support the law/policy

· Write an academic paper that presents both the pro and con of the issue. The compare and contrast should be well developed presenting both sides of the issue.

· Who are the policymakers? (city, state, national) Remember that policy makers are at more than one level may be involved.

· Incorporate and properly cite two Habits of a Systems Thinker that you used to analyze the issue.

· In your own words, describe what the term “health in all policies” means.

· The paper length should be no longer than 4 pages with a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page or reference page.


Paper Directions

· Introduction paragraph

· Paragraph with a description of the health issue of interest and how this issue impacts public health.

· Paragraph summarizing the health-related law/policy of interest, who were the policymakers involved. Include a reference.

· Paragraph summarizing a contrasting opinion of the health-related law/policy. Include a reference.

· Paragraph describing 2 Habits of a Systems Thinker that you used to analyze the issue, with the proper citation.

· Paragraph that describes what the term “health in all policy” means using your own words.

· Conclusion paragraph

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