NUR515 - How has you understanding changed

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In a Word document, answer the following questions

Answer ALL SIX questions to receive full credit.

Provide the question along with your response.

Citations and references are not required for this assignment.

· How has you understanding changed about identifying the most commonly prescribed agents in the major drug classes?

· How confident do you feel about analyzing factors pertinent to making the most effective drug selection for a patient with a specific diagnosis in the primary care setting? What resources are needed, if any, to help you feel more confident?

· How has your understanding changed regarding analyzing client indicators of therapeutic, ineffective, adverse responses and side effects to drug therapy?

· Reflect on your preparedness to write appropriate prescriptions according to evidence-based practice guidelines. What resources are needed, if any, to help you feel more prepared?

Just FYI, The assignment is bases on the advanced pharmacology course taken this semester for an advanced nurse practitioner degree. Please answer all questions.

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