NUR419 Module 2 Discussion

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Nur419 Module 2 Discussion

 Never Events" & Your Clinical Project 


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) formed its no-pay policy based on the growing work of National Quality Forum (NQF) of “never events.” Meaning, CMS will no longer pay for certain conditions that result from what might be termed poor practice or events that should never have occurred while a patient was under the care of a healthcare professional.

  • Discuss specific examples of “never events” and their impact in your workplace.
  • What issues are you considering for your clinical project and why?



Online Materials & Resources

  • The Role of the Nurse Manager (10:14)
    AHRQ Patient Safety. (2015, April 29). CUSP: The Role of the Nurse Manager [Video file]. The Role of the Nurse ManagerLinks to an external site.

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