Discussion - The Professional Nursing Association’s Role in Patient Safety

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  1. Read the article “The Professional Nursing Association’s Role in Patient Safety” by Patricia Rowell. LINK BELOW


According to the author Patricia Rowell “there are instances where one might question the use of legislation or regulations to address an issue, there are some critical instances for which the political process is either the preferred route or last way to effect change. Two major examples of the value of legislative and regulatory involvement by professional associations are needle stick protections and whistle blower protections.”

  1. Do you believe professional nursing association should have become involved in these issues? Why or why not?
  2. What implications do these issues have for you, the nurse, in your workplace? Share an experience with your classmates
  3. Discuss a different issue that you think should be resolved with the help of professional association through legislation?


Write each question in a paragraph. 

Have at-least two references and Please include intext citation. 

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