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Welcome to the discussion! This is where the learning takes place.

This week, you will explore health and wellness as they relate to nursing. This requires the consideration of the concept of health and the role nursing plays in it. As part of the largest professional discipline in healthcare, nurses are at the forefront of health promotion and have an important role in affecting the leading health indicators as defined by the Healthy People initiative.

The course outcomes covered in this week's discussion include:

1. Discuss the professional nurse's role in health-promotion activities.

2. Examine theories and concepts related to health-promotion behaviors.

3. Discuss health promotion, illness prevention, health maintenance, health restoration, and rehabilitation in relation to the nurse's role in working with various populations.

Please utilize the Threaded Discussion graded rubric as a guideline for posting to the discussions. These are the criteria you will be graded on which includes the use of citations and references according to current APA. A copy is attached here for your reference.

Please be sure to ask any questions you have in the Q&A forum. It's usually the first stop for me each day!


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