Walden PRAC6645 2022 March Week 5 Assignment Latest

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PRAC6645 Psychotherapy with Multiple Modalities Practicum

Week 5 Assignment  

Midterm Clinical Evaluation in Meditrek

Now that you have been working at your practicum site for more than a month, it is time to test your skills. Your Preceptor will now assess your clinical skills in a midterm clinical evaluation. In preparation for your evaluation, you may wish to review your PMHNP Clinical Skills List document, as well as revisit the goals and objectives you established in Weeks 1 and 2.

To prepare

Check with your Preceptor to verify that they have received Meditrek credentials.

Following your midterm evaluation, your Clinical Faculty and Preceptor will meet privately to discuss your results and feedback. Once you receive your feedback, compare your Preceptor’s evaluation with your self-evaluation to better understand your clinical performance.

Clinical Evaluation Grades

Your clinical instructor will complete an evaluation with feedback from your preceptor and evaluation of your work.    Meditrek calculates an average score which will be used to determine the score that will be entered into Blackboard for your evaluation grade.

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