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QUESTION 1 The largest resource healthcare leaders have at their disposal when planning for strategic change is:





QUESTION 2The last step in the strategic planning process is _______. The results of this step inform further refinement and planning, making the strategic planning process iterative and cyclical.

goal setting

evaluation and control

creating long- and short-term operational plans


QUESTION 3These outline the future direction of the organization and should be clear, concise, and measurable statements:

SWOT analyses

Operating plans


Internal assessments

QUESTION 4These are the activities that need to be accomplished to achieve the objectives:

Creating mission and vision statements

Key results

Operating plans


QUESTION 5A(n) _____ explains an organization’s purpose and provides a framework for planning for the future.

mission statement

situational analysis



QUESTION 6Which of the following is NOT true of the continuous quality improvement process?

It is a process that helps the organization plan, implement, and monitor evidenced-based changes.

It is a process that encourages evaluation of how the organization is doing and what the organization can do better.

It is a process that cannot begin until the formal end of the strategic planning process.

It is a process that is cyclical and iterative following the steps of plan, do, study, act.

QUESTION 7_____ identify the steps that will be taken to implement strategies.

Operating plans


Quality improvement efforts

Triple aims

QUESTION 8Which of the following is true?

Strategic plans cover a short-term time frame and are crafted by mid-level management.

Strategic plans cover a medium-term time frame and are crafted by front-line management.

Strategic plans cover a long-term time frame and are crafted by executive management.

Strategic plans cover a long-term time frame and are crafted by front-line management.

QUESTION 9Which of the following would NOT indicate the need for an update of the current strategic plan?

Significant changes in organizational leadership

Major shifts in the competitive environment

Patient satisfaction metrics indicating positive feedback

Substantial changes in funding

QUESTION 10The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to:

Analyze the mission and vision of an organization.

Analyze stakeholders in an organization who can be leveraged to improve organizational performance.

Identify internal strengths that can be matched to opportunities in the market and internal weaknesses that can be minimized to reduce environmental threats.

Identify mechanisms through which change strategies may be implemented.

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