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MPH506 Environmental Health in Public Health

Module 8 Assignment

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Project


The purpose of this assignment is to participate in an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ICP) activity navigating a foodborne outbreak in environmental health.  Students are required to complete the ICP activity and submit their completed certificate thereby demonstrating effective ICP performance.

Course Outcomes

This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following Course Outcomes.

CO 7: Integrate the contributions of interprofessional collaborative practice to environmental health with the professional discipline of public health (POs 8 and 10).

CO 8: Differentiate the contributions of library science, communication science, and information science to environmental health with the professional discipline of public health (POs 3 and 9).


To complete this project, you will need to access the following learning resource:

Academic Partnerships to Improve Health (APIH). (2019). Navigating a foodborne outbreak: Preparation for interprofessional practice. (Links to an external site.)

The Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Project is worth 250 points and will be graded on the basis of a completed certificate to be submitted for this assignment by the due date. This is a pass/fail assignment, there is no associated rubric.

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