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MPH506 Environmental Health in Public Health

Module 4 Discussion

You will participate in one discussion this week. There are two different topics presented below, in bolded text. Please choose one of these topics for your discussion this week, address the bullet items under the topic name.

Ionizing Versus Nonionizing Radiation

Discuss the risks and benefits to society associated with the use of devices that produce radiation (ionizing and nonionizing), and the similarities and differences between ionizing and nonionizing radiation, including examples and how each one is measured.

What are the health effects of each one, and when does exposure cross from acceptable to unacceptable levels?


Present an explanation of radioisotopes and then discuss the risks and benefits associated with them.

From an environmental health perspective, what are the medical uses of radioisotopes, and what safety measures, if any, might healthcare workers use in their environment with themselves and patients?

Are there any other population concerns and safety measures needed?

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