Managing Innovation: The Aquadronic Experiment and Market

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Refer to the case "Managing Innovation: The Aquadronic Experiment and Market Response".

In 750-1000 words and using APA format, perform an analysis in this case. 

This assignment emphasizes identifying, focusing on, and briefly analyzing innovation related challenges within a large industry, plus using concepts learned during our class. Think about the tools and methods we have covered so far, and how those could apply to this particular case (i.e. Solution-storming, Prototyping, WOW Test, Promoter Test, Payment Test, RCA, etc)

Here are guidelines on APA format:


Regarding the structure, here are some guidelines and recommendations:

Required - Counts as part of word count

Optional - Does not count as part of word count

(1) Title page (should list the course, University, your name, Professor name, title of the paper, assignment # etc) (Required)

(2) Abstract – or – Executive Summary as appropriate for the course (optional)

(3) Table of contents (optional)

(4) Introduction (including your main thesis statement) (Required and counts as part of word count)

(5) Main body (separated by headers and sub-headers where appropriate) (Required and counts as part of word count)

(6) Summary/Conclusions (all the key points and conclusions summed up nicely in a paragraph) (Required and counts as part of word count)

(7) Tables, diagrams or figures (optional but integrated into the main text when used) (optional)

(8) References (on its own page) (Required)

(9) Appendices (if you have them, each on its own page) (optional)

Guidelines as explained on the course syllabus:

Your Individual Case Study (25%): Students will be required to submit an individual paper approximately 750-1000 words responding to a designated question or questions within the case. Each paper should adhere rigorously to the course and university ethical preparation and referencing guidelines.

Papers should consist of original work and argumentation prepared by the student submitting the paper. The word count excludes citations, restatement of the assignment, cover sheet, and any tables or diagrams.

• The instructions for the assignment on our course portal should be carefully followed.

• Word limit guidelines and reference requirements will be enforced.

• Each paper should be supported by at least five distinct, credible, clickable reference (e.g. not from blogs or not directly from Wikipedia—Wikipedia can be used for background but should not be directly cited, as its credibility rests on the underlying references, and those are the references to cite following your direct consultation of those references).

• All papers should follow the standard APA guidelines and should follow the paper preparation and content overview template provided.

• Topics should have enough information online to be researchable. The team assignments are designed for developing innovation equivalent to a start-up firm experience, while the individual paper broaches questions in relation to documentable and researchable existing firms or industries. It is crucial to show your understanding and application of our course concepts. Also note that our course emphasizes industry level understandings and global perspectives in addition to firm level. Business innovation occurs by individuals or teams, within firms, at the industry level, in designated nations. Be analytical, innovative, original, unique and very focused in your paper, while supporting your arguments with appropriate facts, references and in text citations.

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