AEB4242 Policy Brief, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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AEB 4242: Policy Brief

Total points: 100. This is an individual assignment.

DESCRIPTION: For this assignment you will write a policy brief on the topic presented below. The goal of the policy brief is to convince the target audience of the urgency of the current problem and the need to adopt the preferred alternative or course of action outlined and therefore, serve as an impetus for action.

TOPIC: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the largest nutrition assistance program funded by the federal government. The 2018 Farm Bill reauthorized SNAP despite the growing debate related to program spending. Over 70% of the 2018 Farm Bill spending is devoted to the nutrition title, of which SNAP makes up most of the spending. Most of SNAP funding is provided by the federal government and is spent on program benefits. The other program costs are related to determining SNAP eligibility and are covered by the government at the state and the federal levels. One of the issues that has been particularly contentious is SNAP work requirements.

SNAP program participants receive their benefits on an Electronic Benefit Transfer card, which works like a debit card that can be used to buy groceries at authorized locations. SNAP eligibility is determined based on income. SNAP eligibility rules primarily apply to household, and students who attend a higher education institution more than half-time can only be eligible for SNAP under specific exemptions ( in addition to meeting all other SNAP eligibility requirements (see for outline of general eligibility and for requirements in Florida). During COVID-19 pandemic, the Congress authorized temporary exemptions that allowed students to qualify for SNAP. Under these exemptions, students who are eligible for state/federal work-study programs and have a $0 expected family contribution when they apply for financial aid could get SNAP. Estimates suggest that close to 3 million college students were added to the program as a result of these exemptions. However, these exceptions have expired in June 2023.

In the meantime, Enhance Access to SNAP Act of 2023 or  EATS Act of 2023 bill was introduced to expand access to SNAP benefits to low-income students. Make sure to read the details of the proposed bill here

ASSIGNMENT: Imagine that you are a staff member at a lobbying group that has an interest in the EATS Act of 2023. Your goal is to persuade a Congressman from Florida to vote with you on this bill. Therefore, you will need to take a position and argue either for OR against these proposed changes. The choice is up to you on whether you argue for or against the bill, however, you need to ensure that your position is well-supported by research and economic/quantitative evidence. To achieve your goal, you will have to

(1) research the effectiveness of the current SNAP program (look for unbiased economic reports and studies that include relevant information and statistics!)

(2) understand the proposed changes under the EATS Act of 2023

(3) prepare a policy brief, in which you will use the research and data you find to relate the impacts of this bill to Florida and to persuade a Congressman from Florida to vote with you. Make sure to structure your policy brief as outlined below.

LENGTH: Your policy brief should be 3-4 pages single-spaced using a 12-point Times New Roman font and 1’’ margins, not including reference list or any figures/tables/graphics that you may include in the appendix.


EVALUATION CRITERIA: Policy briefs will be evaluated based (1) content in each section of the policy brief; (2) effective use of sound arguments for or against SNAP program changes and quantitative/qualitative facts that support your arguments; (3) policy brief structure and writing style (i.e., your policy brief should follow the structure outlined below, be well-written, well-formatted, without typos and English grammar errors); (4) proper citation of your sources.



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