AIS to manipulate and analyze financial and accounting data

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Business Finance - Accounting Summative Assessment: Information System Auditing Assignment

Research an article in the University of Phoenix Library related to this week's learning outcome: use AIS to manipulate and analyze financial and accounting data. Link to UOP library page: Library Home Page

Based on the article and internet research, create a 700- to 1,050-word paper detailing the following:

  • Summarize in your own words the article you've read.
  • Describe 2 methods to use AIS to analyze financial and accounting data.
  • Describe the IT audit process and describe 1 difference between the roles of an internal and an external auditor.
  • Discuss 2 accounting software that are in use today.
  • Information systems auditors sometimes use tools or information they can download from the Internet. These tools or information may include software, audit guides, or computer security advisories. Locate 2 examples from the Internet of audit tools, audit guides, or computer security advisories that you would find useful in conducting an audit of a client’s computer system.
  • Share how you can apply the information learned in this course to your current or future role in accounting.

Format your paper consistent with APA standards. Check out the APA guidelines under Resources below (Center for Writing Excellence > APA Sample Template Master's Level -- APA Format Information). Points will be deducted if paper and reference page are not in APA format.

Check out the Grading Rubric to understand how your paper will be graded.

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