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Components of Human Resource Management

An exhibit in your course text readings this week introduces the key components of an organization's human resource management process and examines eight activities in three areas that, if properly executed, will staff an organization with competent, high-performing employees. They are:

· Identification and selection:

. Strategic human resource planning.

. Recruitment and downsizing.

. Selection.

· Adaptive and competent:

. Orientation.

. Training and development.

· Competent and high-performing:

. Performance management.

. Compensation and benefits.

. Safety and health.

Every member of management will have some human resource duties and responsibilities.

This week, please share your thoughts related to which of the components and activities are most relevant for a manager trying to solve retention and hiring problems. Here are some ideas to get you started:

· What are some examples that illustrate the components and activities that are most relevant for a manager trying to solve retention and hiring problems? How do those relate to both short-term and long-term goals?

· Discuss how the relevance of components and activities vary depending upon the time frame (that is, short-term versus long-term recruitment) for execution.

· Why is effective management critical to the role of recruitment, selection, and retention?

· What about this week’s content did you find to be of most interest related to your professional development and/or academic journey?

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