Effective management is crucial for any leader/manager

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Effective Management

Effective management is crucial for any leader/manager.

Identify the leadership factors most important to group morale and discuss the links between morale and performance. How might this affect political appointees who may not know the organizational processes and/or culture of their agency? Include at least one source which can be your textbook.  

This week we reviewed chief executives and the challenges of administrative leadership. Find a contemporary news story about a prominent public official who faced leadership challenges and was ousted from office. Suggested sites on which to find credible news include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, or NPR, just to name a few. Provide a summary of the situation, using concepts described in this week’s chapter.  What were the factors that lead to the official’s downfall? Be sure to include a link or attachment of your news piece and cite your source. 

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