Leadership, Management And Fellowship - The Summation tests

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Leadership, Management And Fellowship


The Summation tests the ability to look at three groups, leadership, management, and followership, and how these groups’ collaboration efforts are affected in their place of employment or have been affected in one of their previous places of work. 

The assignment will allow reflecting on how stress/burnout and replenishment have affected their leadership in the past or current job. This can be a personal situation the student has gone through or another employee (boss, colleague, subordinate) that affected the student’s leadership.  

The student will use the concepts learned throughout the course to propose how changes in management and leadership styles could improve their current or previous employment situation. Some factors that should be considered are stress, replenishment, handling crises, selflessness, integrity, courage, wisdom, authority, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, vision, power types, ethics, communication differences, style of leaders or managers, lack of biblical beliefs, etc., or other factors that were discussed during the term. Whereas many of these concepts can affect leadership, management, and followership groups and their collaboration efforts, students will select 2-3 factors that the student believes had the most impact on their experience. These factors will be discussed in detail in the Summation.


Students will write a 1300-words. There will be a title and reference pages but no abstract.

The assignment will include a minimum of the following headings:

Title page

· Summation Assignment

o  A short introduction/overview

· Concepts Affecting My Company

o A few important concepts you have learned from the textbook readings, presentations, and website and article readings. Use a different subheading for each concept.

o In the discussion of each concept, including why you believe these are or were the most important for your organization to consider.

o Include your recommendations for change for each concept presented

o Provide biblical concepts that integrate with concepts learned from the readings.

· Concepts Affecting My Leadership (stress/burnout/replenishment)

o This can be a personal situation the student has gone through, or a situation that another employee has gone through that affected you

· Conclusion

o A short review of the concepts discussed. 

· References – minimum four total

Use references to support your recommendations for change or integrate a leadership/management theory with the explored situation.

o These references must have been published in the previous five years. 

Each post will be written in the current APA format, use peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles and text references, and be substantive without fragmented sentences, spelling, grammar, and APA formatting errors. 

· Perform academic research to support your ideas by finding and utilizing three peer-reviewed sources and assigned course readings in the text. 

· Use the current APA7 format.

· Write at graduate-level quality.

· The title page and reference list are not in the 1300-word.

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