Strategic Management - Your role will be an organizational change

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Strategic Management

This week, your role will be an organizational change agent evaluating the organization that you have chosen to analyze in this course. To complete this assignment, research the 4 steps of strategic management change, identify a change that has occurred in your organization, and then detail the organization's progression through the 4 steps of strategic management change. In addition, identify some ways that your organization fosters learning and development, utilizes knowledge management, and utilizes strategic systems-oriented approaches to foster positive change.

The 4 steps of strategic management are as follows:

Environmental scanning

Strategy formulation

Strategy implementation

Strategy evaluation

The types of change that you may examine in your organization include the following:

Strategic: Sometimes, in the course of normal business operation, it is necessary for management to adjust the firm's strategy to achieve the goals of the company, or even to change the mission statement of the organization in response to demands of the external environments.

Structural: Organizations often find it necessary to redesign the structure of the company because of influences from the external environment.

People-centered: This type of change is aimed at altering the attitudes, behaviors, skills, or performance of employees in the company.

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