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ECO105 Macroeconomics

Module 7 Assignment  

Final Project

You will create a PPT presentation or Prezi, discussing Globalization. Use the topics, concepts, and theories discussed throughout the course. Review the attached rubric for full details.

The presentation MUST include or answer all of the following items or questions in detail:

What is globalization?

What does globalization mean to the United States (Pro and Con)?

Identify the economic benefits of globalization.

What are the issues and concerns associated with globalization? Do some counties benefit more than others? Why? (provide examples).

What is the impact of globalization on human rights? (discuss poverty, sweatshops, child labor, etc.). Provide an example of a company that have violated human rights.

How does globalization impact the environment? (Environmental protection vs. economic growth).

How are cultures affected? Are cultures disappearing?

Is globalization redefining the United States and the world beneficially? Give examples and reasoning.

Sources cited! APA formatting. Voice over required!

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