Judicial Process Impacting Policy

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Judicial Process Impacting Policy


This assignment will allow you to gain an understanding of how the judicial process impacts policy and procedure.


The three cases below resulted in judicial decisions that influenced policy and procedure. In this short paper, you will analyze a judicial case and write a policy and procedure based on the reforms needed. Choose one of the following scenarios, below. Read the decision and write an appropriate policy and procedure to comply with the court. Use the  Supreme Court  site to research details about your chosen case.

· Bailey v. United States (2013)  (Police case): In this scenario, you are the chief of police. Write a policy and procedure about search and seizure.

· Florence v. Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders (2012)  (Corrections case): In this scenario, you are the warden of a prison. Write a policy and procedure about who is subject to various types of searches.

· Alleyne v. United States (2013)  (Court case): In this scenario, you are a court administrator. Write a policy and procedure about the rules of evidence.

As you write your short paper, consider the following:

· Who are the stakeholders in your scenario? For example, the stakeholders in scenario one may be the citizens, offenders, police personnel, police union, and police administrators.

· How can you balance the wishes of all stakeholders?

· What training may be needed, and how will it be implemented?

· What are the important aspects to be included in the policy and procedure?

Specifically, the following  critical elements must be addressed:

I. Summary: Provide a brief summary about the selected case.

II. Stakeholders: Describe the stakeholders within the selected case.

III. Policy and Procedure: Create a policy and procedure that thoroughly complies with the court’s decision in the selected case.

IV. Justification: Provide a justification for the policy and procedure that addresses the unique characteristics of the selected case.

What to Submit

Your paper must be submitted as a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least four sources cited in APA format.

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