Week 3 - Legitimate power, Reward power, Coercive power

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This assignment will combine some of the concepts presented to this point in the course. Consider the following types of leadership power as you respond to the following questions in a Microsoft Word document:

  • Legitimate power
  • Reward power
  • Coercive power
  • Referent power
  • Expert power
  • Which of the above types of power do you believe are most important in leadership? Why? Examine their importance with reference to the guidelines for each and the disadvantages for each type.
  • Assess whether or not any of the above power types are essential to leaders in criminal justice.
  • In what ways do the above power types match up with the “Big Five” personality types? In other words, is it likely that a leader wielding “expert power” would have a particular “Big Five” trait?
  • Describe what is meant by “management by walking around" and what does this process entail?

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page using APA guidelines.

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