Module 10 Discussion - Knowing that there is a potential

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Module 10 Discussion

Knowing that there is a potential for terrorists to slip into the US via the southern border is a major security problem. Now that all, or most of, Americans and troops are out of Afghanistan, groups like the Taliban may look to strike the US on US soil. Since there is currently a legal process for deportation, which could take years, there are many that say too many rights are granted illegal immigrants, which are the same rights granted legal immigrants. To gain a pretty accurate picture of the amount of apprehensions on the southern border this year compared to last, please see the listed link

First, discuss what actions the US should or could do to prevent terrorists slipping into the country with other illegal immigrants.

And Second, discuss how you think illegal immigrants should be handled, deportation immediately without hearings, or let them stay in the US until their hearing, and why you believe your choice.

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