IHP620 Milestone 2 - Economic Theories and Principles

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IHP 620 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric


In the first part of the course, we have applied foundational economic principles to the healthcare industry. For the first part of your final project, you will analyze these same microeconomic and macroeconomic principles and their impact on healthcare markets, healthcare service, and organizations. In this milestone, you will apply the knowledge you have gained through the first half of the course, as well as research current economic environments and legislative changes to gauge the impact on the healthcare industry through a policy research report.

In Milestone Two, you will submit your draft of the policy research report. Based on instructor feedback and direction, you will revise your policy research report for the final submission of the policy research and organizational analysis report in Module Nine.

Your policy research report should address the following elements:

  1. Economic Theories and Principles:
  1. Economic Disparities: Analyze the relationship between the financial well-being of the industry and availability of healthcare, in consideration of market and demand theories.
  2. Economic Theories: What economic theories are most useful when applied to the healthcare industry and why?
  3. Use of Economic Principles: Why do organizations utilize economic principles to guide strategic short-term and long-term decision making?
  • For-Profit and Nonprofit:
  1. Financial Differentiation: What differentiates for-profit and nonprofit healthcare organizations financially? What characteristics of each type of healthcare organization make the organizations different?
  2. Economic Differentiation: What differentiates for-profit and nonprofit healthcare in terms of economic policies and legislation? What key recent and current economic policies impact each?
  • Policy, Changes, and Disparities:
  1. Economic Policy and Disparities in Care: Using current research and information (within the last five years), analyze the relationship between economic policy and disparities in care. How are they connected? How do they differ?
  2. Policy Changes: What impact do recent legislative changes have on healthcare economic policy in general?
  3. Disparities Planning: Why are disparities of care factored into healthcare strategic planning? Explain your reasoning and provide examples for support where appropriate.

What to Submit

Your report should be in APA format and all resources and references should be cited appropriately. A well-written, concise report will fall within the range of 4–6 pages, not including references and title page.

Milestone Two Rubric

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