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Macroeconomics help

Assignment - Choose your article from any of the following: Articles from Economic Journals, Wall Street Journal, Barons, Business Week, Newsweek, Financial Times, or related business publications.

You will write a news article critique. Each should be a 1-and-a-half to 2-page summary/critique of an article related to any contents of the chapters in the textbook. The articles can be related to any chapters that were already covered or will be covered later in the course.

The summary/critiques should contain the following elements:

? A clear statement of the issue being examined by the author.

? A clear statement of the position taken by the author on the issue.

? Your critical evaluation for the positions taken by the author on the issue as they relate to your family or community at large.

? The relationship between the issues in the article and the topic of choice.

? The content can include anything that has been covered in class or portions of the text that are identified in the syllabus.

· Link article source

Discussion topics - Pick any below.

· Fiscal policy

· Money, Banking, the Federal Reserve System

· Inflation, Disinflation, and deflation

· Income and Expenditure

· Long-Run Economic Growth


(if necessary, this is the book title.) - MACROECONOMICS by KRUGMAN AND WELLS, 5th Edition, WORTH PUBLISHERS, 2018.

· Additional article sources:

· 1. The Economists - Website:

· 2. WSJ - Website:

· 3. Market Watch - Website:

· 4. Economy Watch - Website:

· 5. Newsmax - Website:

· 6. BBC News - Website:

· 7. The New York Times - Website:

· 8. U.S. News - Website:

· 9. The Economic Times - Website:

· 10. Trading Economics - Website:

· 11. EconoTimes - Website:

· 12. Yahoo Finance - Website:

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