HRM591 Critical Thinking Paper 2

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Working individually, students should complete the "Critical Thinking" questions at the end of Chapter  6.   Be reminded, this Assignment encompasses only Chapter 6; Page 261. This assignment is designed to incorporate the unifying concepts of this course;  decision making that is driven by Metrics and Analytics vs. emotional appeals.  This paper should be a minimum of 3 - 4 pages and comprehensively incorporate ALL of the questions in the assignment.  View the Rubric Below.  Please refer to your Grading Notes from the Week 2 Critical Thinking Assignment.

Week 4 Critical Thinking Paper; here are the Questions in Chapter 6 (Page 261).  Refer to the Text for additional information.  (Total of eight (8) Questions.)

Critical Thinking

Chapter 6  Critical Thinking

1.     Obtain the job description for your current or most recent job (prepare one yourself if one does not exist). Redo this description by using the job characteristics framework presented in Exhibit 6.2. Design a job that would be more interesting, challenging, and enjoyable for you.

2.     What are the critical factors to consider in the design of work systems? What particular role does technology play in the design of work systems?

3.     Compare and contrast job enlargement, rotation, and enrichment. How are they similar to and different from each other?

4.     What barriers to change exist in most organizations, and how can they be overcome?

5.     Describe a successful and unsuccessful attempt at job redesign that you have experienced or observed. What factors contributed to the success or failure of the change initiative? How could the unsuccessful attempt have been managed better?

6.     Debate how offshoring might impact the U.S. economy. Do you feel that it will cause domestic organizations to become more competitive in the global marketplace through increased efficiency and reduced costs or will it simply result in higher unemployment and an erosion of the consumer segment of our economy?


Reading 6.1

7.How might the HR function be affected by outsourcing decisions in small- and medium-sized organizations? What roles can and should HR play in such decisions?

Reading 6.2

8.As an employee, how would you feel about having your employer monitor your e-mail? As an employer, why would you choose to monitor employee e-mail? How can employee morale be maintained when an employer monitors employee e-mail?

Remember to submit your assignment for grading when finished.

Week Four: Chapter Six "Critical Thinking"

Please use a Title Page (APA Format). This Assignment may be submitted in an Essay Question or a Question/Answer format, in lieu of an APA format for the body of the paper.  References must be properly in-text cited, with a separate Reference Page.   APA formatting is required for in-text citations and References.  Follow general APA writing guidelines, to include but not limited to: correct grammar; proper sentence structure; proper punctuation; write in Third Person not First Person; do not use slang, abbreviations, or contractions.  Think and write as the Graduate Student that you are.

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