Health Promotion Proposal, Part 1 - Research of health promotion strategies

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Health Promotion Proposal, Part 1 Content

Health Promotion Proposal, Part 1

For this assignment you will submit  Part One of your proposal, detailing a health problem that is

prevalent within  your selected group and demonstrating your  research of health promotion strategies for addressing this specific health problem. At this point you already developed in your discussions the core ideas of the topic contained on this assignment. You will use the same information, but it won’t be a copy and paste exercise. The purpose is that you enhance your ideas with the comments and outcomes of the weekly discussions and previous evaluation. 


1. Introduction. Describe the health problem. Don't type "Introduction".  (1 paragraph).

Using data and statistics, support your claim that the issue you selected is a problem.

What specifically will you address in your proposed health promotion program?

Be sure your proposed outcome is realistic and measurable.


Bottom of Form

2. Describe the vulnerable population.  (1-2 paragraph).

What are the risk factors that make this a vulnerable population?

Use evidence to support the risk factors you have identified.

3. Provide a review of literature from scholarly journals (at least 2) of evidence-based interventions that address the problem. (2 paragraph, one for each article).

After completing a literature search related to effective interventions for your chosen health promotion activity, write a review that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all the sources you have found. (1-2 paragraph).

4. Select and present an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical or conceptual model that best serves as the guiding framework for the proposal.  (1-2 paragraph).

For this assignment a conclusion paragraph is not required.

Writing Assignment Requirements

Three to five pages in length (excluding title page, references, and appendices)

Follow APA format

Cite a minimum of five research articles

Please review rubric prior to submission.


Sample APA paper for your reference:

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