Assignment - Hypothesize the Processes to Manage Quality Outcomes

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Assignment: Hypothesize the Processes to Manage Quality Outcomes

This week, you learned about the process to manage quality outcomes, how policies create the course of action and the limitations to that action, and you were introduced to the gold standard for assessing quality, the Donabedian Quality Framework of Structure, Process, and Outcomes.

To complete your assignment this week, you will prepare a Proposal Paper that contains the action plans (also known as the measures of performance) needed to determine if a healthcare organization is meeting each principle of quality health care as described by the World Health Organization (2018). The WHO describes quality health care as being effective, safe, people-centered, timely, equitable, coordinated, and efficient. For example, as the healthcare administrator, how (what action will you take) to know if the health care provided in your organization is effective.

In your Proposal Paper, be sure to include an introductory section that continues your discussion from the summary section in your Week 1 research paper where you discussed the development of the Donabedian Quality Framework and its use in healthcare quality management. Be sure to review any feedback provided by your professor on this summary section.

The body of your Proposal Paper will contain your in-depth discussion of each of the seven principles of quality health care and their contribution to patient outcomes. You will also include your rationale to support each of your action plans for the seven principles of quality health care.

Your paper will include a summary section on how the organization's structure and the processes effects healthcare outcomes through the management of quality action plans.

In addition to your narrative, you will create a table that contains a synopsis of your action plans and rationale. Your table will be an appendix to your Proposal Paper and the columns in the table will include the Principles of Quality Health Care, the Action Plans, and your Rational to support your action plans. Your synopsis may be presented using bullet points. Be sure to follow APA standards for the use of appendices.

Principles of Quality Health Care (WHO, 2018)

Action plans (measures of performance)

Rationale to support your action plans








5 pages, not including title page, reference page, or Appendix page

Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources.

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