GCU PUB655 2022 March Week 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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PUB655 International Perspectives in Community Health

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Controlling infectious diseases is part of public health practice. Review approaches to prevention, control, and the obstacles that low-income and middle-income countries endure. Vaccines are a critical part of health, but health care systems are impacted by globalization. Some countries do not have surveillance systems in place that allow determining need. Provide an example of how globalization has impacted South America or sub-Saharan Africa. What three pieces of advice would you give the Minister of Health in countries of South America or sub-Saharan Africa when it comes to the integration of health care and public health (i.e., vaccines)?

DQ2 Macroeconomics of a country depicts the health of the population. There have been many outbreaks and pandemics of infectious diseases like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), H5N1 avian influenza, H1N1 swine influenza, Ebola, and COVID-19 or of noncommunicable diseases. How have these outbreaks or pandemics directly and indirectly affected national and global economies? Explain how national and international health care systems have handled the outbreak. How have they differed in their methods? In what ways have the economies and the health care systems impacted each other during these outbreaks? Provide at least three examples that depict the risk factors for disease.

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