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Module 7 Discussion

Impact of Chronic Illness on Communities

We live in a graying society. Added to this is the fact that we live in an increasingly technological and sedentary society.  People are struggling more financially in recent years through economic recessions, lost savings, lost employment, and increased expenses for necessities of healthful daily living. People are increasingly vulnerable to chronic illnesses, and decreasingly equipped to deal with the needs associated with their conditions.  These societal shifts necessitate changes in the ways our communities are built and in how communities function to meet the needs of their residents.

As others join in the discussion, read what has already been posted and add substantively and contextually to the discussion. You can successfully engage in this discussion without posting a mini-paper. We will go through the questions one at a time, moving on to the next question once we have fully explored the current one.

The first question in this discussion is opinion and/or experience-based, so jump right into the discussion immediately, no later than Wednesday.  For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate your readings including the text, articles, and module notes into your posts.

In your opinion, based on the 3-minute video,

Making the Business Case for Prevention: A Grocery Store's Healthy Options (Links to an external site.)

We have learned over the past six weeks that obesity is a contributing factor in chronic illnesses.  In your opinion, what factors make it difficult for people to access healthy foods, e.g. fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, healthy snacks, etc?

Now apply this week’s learning materials to address the remaining questions (one at a time) about Ray and Marti’s experience with diabetes.

Experiential Interview:

Marti and Ray’s Shared Diabetes Experience [Video File, 24:53 minutes]

Marti and Ray described some of the financial and lifestyle-related stressors they faced, and the role of family and community members and organizations in helping them cope with, and move beyond, these stressors. What were some of the stressors, and how did they affect their lives?  What role did community supports and resources play in helping Ray and/or Marti to adapt? How accessible were these community supports and resources?  Were there “disconnects” between what was available and what Ray and Marti felt would work best for them?

Ray and Marti were very effective in dealing with the stressors of Ray’s diabetes and in fighting for what they needed. Not everyone has sufficient social supports or self-advocacy skills to accomplish this. In what ways can communities support healthy living with diabetes? Consider community-level interventions you have read about in the KU Community Toolkit (Links to an external site.) that might successfully address one or more of the issues we are focusing on this week, e.g. access to diabetes-compliant foods, safe environments for physical activity, financial strains, etc. 

What lessons do Ray and/or Marti share that can inform communities on ways to better support people living with chronic illnesses?

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