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Grantham University Wanda and Her Salty Pawz Business Discussion


Wanda is concerned that if she grows the business, she may face more financial and personal responsibility and liability than she is comfortable with. After reading this module, you know that one way to limit the liability and financial exposure of a business owner is by selecting the appropriate ownership structure. However, each form of ownership has its advantages and disadvantages.

For Discussion

  1. Consider the options available to Wanda as she selects a forms of business ownership for Salty Pawz and expands the business. For each form of ownership, carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of each ownership option as they relate to Wanda’s business. Which form of ownership would you recommend for Wanda and Salty Pawz and why?
  2. What if YOU were a business owner and you needed to select a form of business ownership? Would you select the same form of ownership you just recommended for Wanda? What would YOU take into consideration if YOU were the owner and needed to select from the ownership options available to Wanda? Are they the same things Wanda needs to consider, or are they different?
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