Part 1&2 - Identify the ethical perspectives in your analysis

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Ethical Study

Part 1

Identify the ethical perspectives in your analysis & recommendations for the technology business analyst? How did you resolve the stakeholder issues discovered? Must be answered in ( 200) words.

Part 2 of paper for the Technology Business Analyst

Have you reflected on the following?

· Have you been mindful of ethical perspectives in your analysis & recommendations (conflicts of interest, values tradeoffs, utilitarian vs Kantian ethical emphasis etc.)?

· The interests of the stakeholders and the degree to which your recommendations have potentially negative impact on their respective interests

· The values implicit in your analysis and associated recommendations that may differ from other stakeholders.


· Conduct a feasibility analysis on a proposed set of recommendations;

· Apply various organizational diagnostic models to analyze aspects of the organization's internal environment that will either help or hinder successful implementation of your objectives; (Insights gained on the 3rd paper will be useful in this analysis of implementation dynamics)

· Conduct a stakeholder analysis that identifies key stakeholders relevant to the planned change effort and their respective interests vis-à-vis the change.

· Summarize your planned change analysis with a list of the most significant helping and hindering factors relevant to your change initiative (i.e. Force Field Analysis);

· Develop actionable tactics that will mitigate the hindering factors noted above as well as leverage those factors likely to support the change.

This paper should address the following: Must be (1000) words not including 


1.Description of helping forces or forces likely to support or otherwise facilitate successful implementation. Make sure to provide enough elaboration so each force is specifically described in enough detail for someone not familiar with your organization to understand.

2. Stakeholder analysis. The people, organizational dynamics (resources, systems, staffing, leadership, etc.) that will impede the needed changes inherent in your recommendations.

3. Your plan on leveraging the forces to help promote successful implementation of recommendations

4. Your plan change management plan with detail steps and actions designed for success

5. Ethical Issues pertinent to your project analysis and/or recommendations

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