Managerial Team Report - Diversity, Equality, And Inclusiveness

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Managerial Team Report: Diversity, Equality, And Inclusiveness (DEI)/Discrimination

Teams will be assigned a topic from Career and Family through AI, Robots, and the Future of Work.   The teams will prepare a written management report of approximately 6-8 pages single spaced, plus a reference page of sources, and any appropriate appendices.  The report is due the day the topic is assigned for class.  The report, handouts, or any presentation slides should be posted on Canvas.  This report should be prepared as though this were a management briefing to an executive or management team in a work setting.  In terms of format, there should be a clear introduction, stating the focus and purpose of the report, as well as a brief summary of what will be covered in the report.   Develop a logical flow in the report, using section headings as appropriate and covering the aspects of the issue as listed above (current legal standards, relevant case law, ethical/ social responsibility issues, management practice and systems, and an international perspective).  The report should also include a set of managerial recommendations at the end of the report.  Citations should be provided in the text whenever material is drawn from outside sources.  Citation methods may include APA style, footnotes, or endnotes.   Included at the end of the report should be a detailed list of the particular sources used in gathering the information. As a general guide, the report should include a minimum of 10-12 sources.  This should include citations, electronic databases, websites, contacts with agencies and organizations, and relevant legal cases. Students should use an appropriate, consistent, and complete system, such as the APA Style Guide.   

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