Innovation Fuel Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 8: Vancouver-Based

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Business Ethics Assignment

Innovation Fuel Podcast, Season 2-Episode 8: Vancouver-Based Startup Challenges

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 Link to listen:

Listen to episode 8, season 2 of the Innovation Fuel podcast which is about Vancouver-Based Startup Challenges. Manuj Aggarwal, CEO of TetraNoodle Technologies unpacks the question of why Vancouver is a good startup location but not a good scale-up location.

Prepare a report by analyzing and critiquing the content of the podcast. Make sure the following will be considered and covered in your report: 

Specific Instruction:

  • At macro level analysis, after listening to the podcast, what is missing information in the podcast, from your point of view, to help you understand the podcast and make it better? In other words, what are your critiques of the podcast? (You might need to refer to the website of the business (Tetra Noodle Technologies) to have a better idea to form your response and analysis)
  • What is the mission of the Tetra Tech group in Vancouver?
  • What are the opportunities and positive sides of setting up a business in Canada and in Vancouver?
  • What are the challenges and negative sides of having business in Canada and in BC, more specifically Vancouver?
  • What is/are the important factor(s) for entrepreneurs to consider overcoming the current challenges of growing and scaling up business in Canada?
  • How does Tetra Tech in Vancouver help startups access capital, talent, and other resources?
  • From Manuj's point of view and experience, what is the important factor that entrepreneurs do not realize or consider in the real world when they try to introduce their products in the market? How does he help them?

General Instruction:

  •  APA format to be followed in this report.
  • An average length of 600 words (excluding title and reference pages) and a minimum of 2 academic/non-academic references are expected.
  • Check grammar on Grammarly to minimize grammatical errors.
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