Discussion 2 - You are an employee of a think tank

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You are an employee of a think tank in Washington, DC. The director has been asked to testify before a congressional committee on the following question: In reforming the ACA, what lessons should the United States learn from relevant experience abroad? Your job is to write a memorandum that will help the director answer this question. In writing this memo, you should address the following questions: 

1. How can learning from abroad help policy makers engage in a process of self-examination of health policy at home? 

2. Compare the NHS and NHI systems.

3. What should members of Congress know about China’s problems and aspirations in health policy? 

4. What lessons from abroad would be most relevant in reforming the U.S. health system? 

(minimum requirement) substantive response (250 words)   minimum of three (3) citations/references peer review to support your substantive response less than 5years old

AMA format 

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