Week 3 Discussion - Appl Evidence-Based Rerch

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W3 ApplEB Discussion

Week 3 Appl Evidence-Based Rerch discussion

Use the Galen library database to find one primary  qualitative research article on any nursing topic recently published  this year  in a  nursing journal . Read the article and in  one paragraph (7 to 8 sentences) provide a rapid critical appraisal by answering the following questions.  Support your response by citing and referencing the research article.



1. What was the research design?

2. How were study participants chosen and was the sample size appropriate?

3. Does the research methods fit the purpose of the study? Explain.

4. Are data collection and analysis technniques approproiate for this type of study? Explain.

5. Is the phenomenon (human experience) clearly identified? Explain.

6. What are the reported results?

7. How may the results be applied in clinical practice?


· Each week your discussion will be graded on a point scale. In order to successfully complete each weekly discussion assignment, you will need to address all items included in the discussion topic/question, respond to peers thoughtfully, add value to the discussion, and apply ideas, insights, or concepts from scholarly sources, such as: journal articles, assigned readings, textbook material, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites. For specific details and criteria, refer to the discussion rubric in the Menu (?) or in the Course Overview Weekly Discussion Guidelines. 

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