Discussion 1 - What was the reason for the appeal

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Table 1.3 in your text and pictured below highlights the language used in the U.S. Constitution that deals with different aspects of criminal procedure.   Do some external research.  You can use the links to the U.S. Supreme Court terms titled "Reading a Legal Citation" that is inside the additional resources in the Chapter 1 Learning Lesson Folder.  Find a concluded Supreme Court case from 2015 to 2021 that deals with one of the provisions of the U.S. Constitution Dealing with Criminal Procedure (the original criminal case can be before 2015, your case just must be during the Supreme Court terms between 2015 and 2022):

  • What was the reason for the appeal?  Explain in your own words.  Show your understanding of the issue.
  • Which provision of the U.S. Constitution was the basis for the appeal?
  • How did the Supreme Court rule?  Explain the opinion in your own words.
  • Do you agree with the opinion?  Explain in your own words.
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