CYB100 Week 5 Roles in the Cyber Domain

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Wk 5: Roles in the Cyber Domain [due Mon] 
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The presentation was a success, and the CIO of the organization you chose, while pleased, has another task for you. Because of the overwhelming support he gained from your presentation, he is assigned with staffing a team to provide the intrusion detection software (IDS) solution. Therefore, you will provide him with the following information to consider in his planning:


Part A:

Create 1- to 1.5-page summary including the following:

The number of additional employees necessary to rollout and support an IDS desktop solution
An explanation as to how individuals work with the existing desktop support and malware teams
The job title for those who normally perform rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution
An outline of the daily duties for the additional employees hired for rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution

Part B:

Create an infographic using an infographic maker, such as Piktochart, Venngage, or Canva, displaying an organization chart showing the following:

The job titles provided in your summary and how they fit in with the existing cybersecurity team
A list of the industry certifications the new IDS rollout-and-support-function employees should have or can work toward

Include citations as necessary in APA format.

Submit your assignment.

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