Create a Handbook: You and your group are tasked with making

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Create A Handbook

Create a Handbook: You and your group are tasked with making a handbook. This handbook will have strategies (or methods) to help people in an organization think better, make decisions wisely, and solve problems effectively.

The Structure:
Chapters/Modules: Each student in your group will write a separate chapter or section (module) for the handbook. The number of chapters corresponds to the number of students in your group.

Your Part: In your chapter, you'll focus on the industry you work in or are most familiar with. You'll explain how critical thinking (thinking deeply about problems) and decision-making (choosing what to do) are important in your industry, with examples and evidence to back up your points.

Working in a Group:
Although working in groups can be challenging, it's a key part of this project. You'll need to:
Pick a Handbook Title: Agree on a title for your handbook with your group.
Connect Your Chapters: Make sure there's a theme or connection between all your chapters so the handbook feels cohesive.

Write Together: As a group, write an introduction and conclusion for the handbook. These parts should tie everything together and are graded as team efforts.

What to Include:
Your handbook should be informed by recent research (from the last 5 to 7 years) and cover various topics that are vital for leaders and decision-makers in organizations. Topics might include different types of reasoning (like deductive or inductive reasoning), the role of logic in decision-making, systems thinking, team building, handling uncertainty, fostering innovation, and ensuring customer satisfaction, among others.

The Final Product:
Team Effort: Even though each person writes their own chapter, you must submit the complete handbook as a team for grading.
Research: Dive deep into current research to understand what makes an organization, especially a learning organization, successful. Use both scholarly and non-scholarly resources to support your strategies.
Think Tank Approach: Immerse yourselves in the task. Don't stop until you've created a comprehensive guide that could lead an organization to success.
Submission Details:
Same Document Submission: Every student must submit the same finalized version of the handbook in their own assignment submission area. This is crucial for grading and auditing purposes.
References: If you use sources in your introduction and conclusion, include a separate references page after the conclusion. This is apart from the individual references each student might have in their chapters.

Your ultimate aim is to develop a handbook that will be seen as an invaluable resource for promoting success within an organization by enhancing critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving among its members.
Think of this project as an opportunity to combine your knowledge with your real-world industry experience to create something that could genuinely help organizations improve. Each chapter should offer unique insights into how these skills apply in different sectors, making the handbook a versatile tool for various industries.

List of topics to choose for individual chapter to tie into Mindfulness and inclusion ( we decided to all pick 2 of these):

Team Building:
Handling uncertainty:

No more than 5 pages long

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