What a wonderful global community it could be with stockholders

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What a wonderful global community it could be with stockholders achieving more wealth with efficient markets and great global products, full employments the world around, governments running surplus budgets and business-friendly cultures,

With the stakeholders, everyone wins.  So, societies, citizens, the shareholders, and the governments all received their rewards.  Really is quite fascinating how this dynamic works. 


1. Explain how each of the four stakeholders(with examples) benefit the organizations, such as government, employees, stockholders, and societies. Would this be any different for the global markets than what we have here in our country? Isn’t it really a win-win for all?

2. Should corporations be allowed free access to all societies of our global economy, or would it be best if corporations stayed in their own countries? Should we eliminate tariffs as only consumers pay it and the tariff only enriches the governments? California mandates that the minimum wage be $20/hour; so, no problem the price of our food at Chipotle just went up by 100%. Eliminate the corporate tax, as we, as consumers, pay it.

3. Does one concern themselves with the multinational coming into your country?  Wouldn't we all agree that Honda and Toyota, even Nestle's chocolate, have moved us forward and provided us a lot with going forward with quality of life? Where would we be, much less where would the world be, without  Starbucks coffee and their coffee bistros?

N/B: Taxes and tariffs:

So, the USA enacted a tariff, and then China retaliates, and the only accomplishment is higher-priced products. So, eliminate or minimize these taxes?  Some imports, such as washing machines, are so heavily taxed that we, as consumers, are taxed too much in the interests of protecting the US products and the domestic made washing machine.

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