COUN6753 week 2 Assignment June 2021

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COUN 6753 week 2 Assignment

Assignment: Applying Theory to Specific Settings and Populations

Understanding theories—ways to explain/represent a complex phenomenon—is necessary if you want to be of use to your clients and students when exploring career issues. Knowing the particular theories that best fit certain settings, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply these theories will make you a more effective counselor. In this Application, you will examine various theories and select some that you believe might be most appropriate to the clients/students with whom you will work.

To Prepare for Activity

  • Review this week’s learning resources that describe how these theories relate to your specialty area and to the client/student population you will serve.
  • Select at least two theories that you think will or would be most broadly appropriate and efficacious for your setting and client/student population.

In 2–3 pages:

  • Briefly describe the work setting and client population you hope to work with after graduation.
  • Summarize the two theories you have selected.
  • Explain the strengths of these two theories as they relate to your setting and client population.
  • Describe the weaknesses you would have to address, and briefly detail how you would address them.
  • Briefly explain how you would apply these theories in your practice.


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