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Question 12 pts

Which of the following is not a best practice when performing peer review?

Group of answer choices


Reading your classmate’s draft carefully and thoroughly and expressing where you, as a reader, need more clarity, flow, and examples.


Offering suggestions for going from “good” to “great” with elements like topic sentences and the integration of source material.


Noting places where the writer could present more “voice” by explaining the relevance of the evidence.


Noting, in one or two sentences and as the entire “review,” that the draft looks pretty good and that the writer should check for grammar and APA.


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Question 22 pts

Which of the following is the most reasonable goal for peer review?

Group of answer choices


Having all of your errors fixed


Giving enough feedback to get a good grade


Being an “extra set of eyes” for your classmates and getting “extra sets of eyes” from them toward a strong, more effective argument research essay


Finding other students who wrote about a similar topic and using their paragraphs in your essay, just changing some words so it isn’t plagiarism


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Question 32 pts

Which of the following is the best synonym (word or phrase) for “peer reviewer”?

Group of answer choices


Extra Grammar Editor


Extra Citation Proofreader




Extra set of eyes


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Question 42 pts

Why is peer review important?

Group of answer choices


It is somewhat important because you can get some of your grammar and APA fixed if you’re lucky enough to land in the “class brainiac’s” group.


It is important because when you know you have peer reviews coming up, you don’t have to worry about grammar and APA; your peer’s role is to fix those items.


It is important because you are in the unique position to be both an extra set of eyes, which is valuable in itself, and of having learned the same concepts and completed the same assignments as your peer.


It is somewhat important but only because it is worth many more points than a normal discussion.


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Question 52 pts

Which of the following is not a useful step to take after receiving a peer review?

Group of answer choices


Be open-minded. Play around with the ideas offered to you and see if they will work well for your purposes.


Be engaged. If there is something you want to follow up on, go ahead and continue the conversation with your reviewer.


Be careful. Your instructor probably wants completely different changes, so email your instructor, asking your instructor to read the peer reviews you received and to give each and every suggestion the thumbs up or the thumbs down.


Be respectful. Your reviewer spent time reading and offering feedback to you, so do not act offended or angry about the suggested improvements.


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Question 62 pts

When working in peer review groups, which version of your draft should you supply to your reviewers?

Group of answer choices


The exact same draft you submitted to your instructor last week because you want to see if your reviewers give you the same feedback


The most up-to-date draft possible, hopefully with some revision between your instructor’s comments and your peer review post, if possible, because the better your draft, the more helpful the feedback will be


The exact same draft you submitted to your instructor last week because you already have enough work and don’t want to keep revising your paper unless you have to for a grade


A draft that you have revised after receiving your instructor’s feedback because the main goal of peer review is to have a better draft than anyone else


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Question 72 pts

Which of the following topic sentences introduces a definition-genre argument?

Group of answer choices


However, “good hygiene” is a relative term, which makes it a difficult concept to rely on without setting specific parameters for its meaning.


In light of such compelling statistics that illuminate a need for more oxygen equipment in small town hospitals, a number of viable approaches might be applied to the problem.


However, getting to an answer to such questions requires a look at the causes that have led to the closure of these clinics.


In fact, one of the key early articles on autism, while largely misinformed and certainly now outdated, does provide flashes of insight that are very helpful today.


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Question 82 pts

Which of the following is true of argument genres?

Group of answer choices


While interesting, they aren’t relevant to a draft that has already been written.


They appear only in the main claim of the paper, the thesis statement.


They appear only in supporting points of an essay, never in the thesis statement.


They can appear in specific places in our argument and/or can be the driving force of the thesis statement and should be studied so we can conduct all of our arguments in the most effective ways.


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Question 92 pts

Read the following thesis statement and choose which argument genre best describes it: While it is true that a shortage of elder care facilities cannot be fixed overnight, we can, nevertheless, apply some specific changes now for immediate relief and to build upon moving forward.

Group of answer choices


Values-based position genre


Problem/solution argument genre


Definition argument genre


Evaluation argument genre


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Question 102 pts

Which of the following is true of argument genres?

Group of answer choices


They represent patterns of writing that can be applied not just to improving our argument research essays but toward many other types of writing.


They represent patterns of writing that can be applied only to argument research essays in a college course.


The names of some of the argument genres are “warrant,” “claim,” and “rebuttal.”


The names of some of the argument genres are “logos,” “ethos,” and “pathos.”

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