COUN 6753 Week 1 Discussion 2021

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COUN 6753 Week 1 Discussion


Discussion: Meaningful Developments in Career Counseling

The history of career counseling is rich and varied. Initially characterized by job placement services, career counseling as it is practiced today is a nuanced exploration of variables and their influence on the career development process. They include interests, skills, values, and person-environment fit. Yet, as communities become increasingly diverse, counselors recognize career decision-making is also bound by societal factors that influence the career decisions of all people independent of background, but especially those from marginalized groups. As a professional who will work with a variety of clients or students, it is important you understand both the history of career counseling and its potential future in terms of its applicability in a diverse society. In this Discussion, you will consider some of the major developments in vocational/career counseling, and discuss the implications of these developments for your future as a counselor with diverse populations in your chosen specialization.


To Prepare:

Review this week’s learning resources that focus on the stages in the development of vocational/career counseling.

As you review the stages, think about the developments at each stage. Which stage do you believe made the most major contributions to and/or led to significant progress in the overall development of career counseling? To what extent does it seem multicultural considerations were made at these stages, and what affect might this have had on individuals from marginalized groups?


Post a brief description of two historical developments in career counseling you believe will be most meaningful to your future work as a counselor, and describe why.

Then, state the extent to which you believe these developments were relevant to the career development of marginalized groups.

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