Company = Booz Allen Hamilton and Country (INDIA)

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Company = Booz Allen Hamilton and Country (INDIA)
1. Entry Strategy Legal Structure (1 page)
• Describe your recommended Entry Structure (legal) and explain how it will:
i. Mitigate specific risks identified in section 7 above
ii. Realize specific market opportunity identified in section 7 above

• Describe any alliance partner or in-country relationship
i. Specify how the in-country relationship would support and make possible the entry strategy and/or the risk mitigation strategies identified in section 10 above (these are benefits to your client company; e.g., Will the partner/alliance improve competitive position, help to overcome some particular country threats? Help to realize some particular opportunity potential?)

ii. Justify the strategic “fit” for the partner /alliance organization. 
a. How will the alliance with your client benefit the partner?
b. What are the “costs” to the partner (what will the partner contribute)?

Entry Strategy Organizational Structure

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