Columbia Southern MBA 5101 Unit VI Assessment

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Question 1

  1. Which of the following describes the point when the drive of the entrepreneur is no longer enough to keep the Stage I company from floundering?

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Question 2

  1. For each $1 spent on training, Motorola estimates it receives __________ in productivity gains within three years.

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Question 3

  1. What is the percentage of U.S.-based expatriate managers who fail to adjust to a host country's social and business environment?

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Question 4

  1. All of the following are changing structural characteristics found in the modern organization design EXCEPT:

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Question 5

  1. Successful defender firms tend to be headed by CEOs with backgrounds in the areas of:

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Question 6

  1. According to Hofstede's cultural dimensions, which country scored the highest on individualism?

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Question 7

  1. Research suggests that boards of directors tend to look outside the firm for the next CEO under which of the following circumstances?

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Question 8

  1. Which type of chief executive officer who is highly knowledgeable in other industries and can manage diverse product lines would be appropriate for a corporation following a diversification strategy?

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Question 9

  1. Strategic goals can be accomplished through defining an action plan. Which of the following is NOT one of the components that make up an action plan?

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Question 10

  1. According to the text, what is the "key" to effective management of change in culture?

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Question 11

  1. Question 12

    1. The textbook points out the importance of assessing the strategy-culture compatibility when
      implementing a new strategy. Do you feel that culture follows strategy, or does strategy follow culture? Justify your answer.
    What is executive succession? Discuss the hiring of insiders versus outsiders, and provide examples of each.
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