Cloud-Based Web application - You are part of a startup company

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Title: Cloud-Based Web application 

You are part of a startup company. A startup company is a newly formed business with particular momentum behind it based on perceived demand for Web Based Software applications in one of the given fields below. The intention of your startup is to grow rapidly as a result of offering something that addresses a particular market gap in one of the following areas.  Your team was tasked to Develop a new Cloud-Based Web application for Desktop and Mobile for one of the topics below.

  • A new Food delivery app
  • A new Dating App
  • A new Real Estate sales app
  • A new Healthcare application

Select just ONE  of  topic and then explain what this new application would do.

As a startup company, your team has limited resources ( less money and very small  IT infrastructure ) .  

Once you have done that, answer the following questions.

Question 1 What cloud service model you would  use for this app when you are  developing the software ?

Question 2  What cloud service model you would  use  so  the customer can access to the software and use it?

Question 3 What cloud deployment  model  you would use to keep data  and all transactions?

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