KG604 Issue/Problem 1 - 5G Applications

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Assignment # Graduate Research 2

Research and Critical Analysis

Department ???,

KG604: Graduate Research & Critical Analysis

Issue/Problem 1: 5G Applications

1) People Involved: Individuals, organizations

The US was involved in the 5G race. President Trump explained that America had to win the 5G race by quickly launching the network. However, it was noted that 5G networks were more vulnerable to cyberattacks than other networks.

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3) My Research Question: What have researchers learned about impacts of 5G networks on cybersecurity of individuals and organizations?

5G complicates cyber vulnerability because it virtualizes in software high-level network functions. There is vulnerability caused by attaching many hackable smart devices to the network.

Issue/Problem 2: Internet of Things and data privacy

The rise of Internet of Things raised privacy concerns. IoT devices collected data about the daily activities and habits of individuals. These data included location data, health data, and consumption-rate data.

1) People Involved: Internet users

2) Link to Article: 

3) My Research Question: What have researchers learned about the impact of Internet of Things on data privacy of internet users?

IoT devices can be used by entities to obtain access to people’s homes. Individuals might not be able to determine what will happen to their information.

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