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Cybersecurity 4.2


The term “abstract” is a homophone which can mean one of two scholarly writing activities. One, is the abstract that you will write to introduce your dissertation. The other meaning is a shortened writing assignment whereby you write a condensed summary of an academic journal.  For this week, we will focus on writing a scholarly abstract of a quantitative journal. More information about writing an abstract can be found via the web resource “Writing Scholarly Abstracts.” Since the purpose of this abstract is to summarize, there should not be any direct copying and pasting from the original article. 


View the rubric to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment.  Create a 1-2 page (more is fine) single-spaced Analysis of Research abstract published quantitative scholarly article related to your mock dissertation topic/research question from week 1. Additionally, this assignment functions just like assignment 2.1 only it reviews a quantitative article instead of a qualitative one.Brevity and being concise are important as this analysis is intended to be a brief summation of the research.Each abstract must therefore consist of the following in this order:

  1. Bibliographic Citation – use the correctly formatted APA style citation for the work as the title of your abstract, displaying the full citation in bold font.
  2. Author Qualifications – name and qualification of each author conducting the research
  3. Research Concern – one paragraph summary of the reason for the overall research topic
  4. Research Purpose Statement AND Research Questions or Hypotheses – specific focus of the research
  5. Precedent Literature – key literature used in proposing the needed research (not the full bibliography or reference list)
  6. Research Methodology – description of the population, sample, and data gathering techniques used in the research
  7. Instrumentation – description of the tools used to gather data (surveys, tests, interviews, etc.)
  8. Findings – summation of what the research discovered and the types of analysis that were used to describe the findings (tables, figures, and statistical measures)

View the rubric:  DSRT 837 Rubric Adapted from Doctoral Research Handbook.docx DSRT 837 Rubric Adapted from Doctoral Research Handbook.docx - Alternative Formats

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