Climate Change Witness 2 - who is a climate scientist who focuses

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Climate Change Witness 2

In this week’s climate change witness video, you will hear from my friend Chloe, who is a climate scientist who focuses on human health. Her specialty area is how heat impacts maternal health. She is also a Christian and is involved in the work she is because it relates to her faith beliefs. She will give an overview some of her work and how climate change is impacting health.

Again, you will write a 1-page reflection paper about your reactions to her stories. Include things such as: What stood out to you? What did you learn? What are your initial reactions to what was said?

Her name is Chloe.

From the University of Gratz at Wegener Centre in Austria.

Climate Central Data Simulation Activity

The really neat thing about the time that we are living in is that we have access to so much information, and that information can be displayed in ways that are easy to understand. For this assignment, we will be using a website called Climate Central. If you follow the link it will take you to a tool that you can use to see the impacts of various climate change factors on particular locations. You can also see what the future predictions are as well.

I have posted a video to help you learn how to manipulate the tool and to try different parameters. In this assignment, I want you to create 4 graphs around a particular location. You will download an image of each graph to be put into a word document. Using the graphs, interpret what the data says about current conditions and predicted trends for the future for that location. You will turn this document in as your assignment.

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