Cherry Health System (CHS) consists of a general hospital

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You will be responding to the following discussion question based on your your University of Arizona Global Campus major of study Health Care Administration

Read the following scenario:

· Cherry Health System (CHS) consists of a general hospital, a women’s hospital, 20 doctor practices comprised of doctors who work for CHS, and an ambulatory surgery center. The leadership of this facility has decided they would like to take the existing paper-based consumer education pamphlets on tobacco education and deploy them to the ambulatory population of CHS who visit the doctor offices and surgery center. They would like to use the informatics tools, principles, and content available through  as a basis for this education. In order to identify patients who can benefit from this informatics solution, they asked administrators in the physician offices and the surgery center to print a report of patients who currently use tobacco from the CHS electronic health record (EHR). As a professional in your field of study, you have been asked to provide input into the design of this informatics solution.

Based on the above scenario:

· Provide a rationale as to where in the Hierarchy of Informatics the CHS tobacco informatics solution would be categorized. (see below)

· Based on your major of study and the patient education informatics tools available from , discuss three informatics functions that your design for the tobacco education solution would include.

· Identify at least two program evaluation methods that you would recommend to CHS leadership to evaluate the effectiveness of the tobacco education informatics solution.


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